Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pitch in!

A fellow blogger and friend asked if I would put in a plug for their fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes. Please take the time to check out her lovely blog linked below. 

This Bracelet Could lead to a life saving research.

CLICK HERE for more details on how you can help in the battle against Juvenile Diabetes!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It can happen to you

I don't have all the ritzy furniture in the world but I splurged on a nice dining room table to fit our ginormous family last year. Solid wood, nice shiny finish.

The first fork jab hurt - baby
The scratch along the centre from a toy -toddler
and the three drops of nail polish remover -teen

all sent me cringing at my poor table and it's fading perfection.

Then as if in a dream I get a text from my husband (while I'm on my last day of holidays) that HIS CHILDREN 1, 3 and 5 have painted themselves and my table with whiteout.
After an hour of scrubbing my table  is well ....sigh...

This hard dose of reality sent me into a tail spin of panic and disorientation
and then without much regard to the consequences of my reputation I did the unthinkable.

I never thought I would succumb

but they broke me people, they finally broke me!

I went out and bought a plastic cover.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Vegas misses me.

My first Vegas trip was a success, I spent all my money, lost all my gambling budget, and gained all my Zumba weight back. I didn't expect to freeze so much in the desert in the evenings and ended up wearing the same jeans three days out of five. The chaffing from all the walking in dresses was too much!

I got to stand and soak in original pieces from Monet's collection at the Monet exhibit. Apparently the cheapest piece there was 14 million. We tried following the tour guide through but gave up after a few commentaries like. "What time of day do you think this is?" (tourist responds) "morning?" (her response) "Yes, or evening."

Elvis Cirque Du Soleil was to die for! The curtain began to rise and teary eyed I turned to my cousin and cried "I always cry at the start of shows." She tearfully responded "me too" as we both looked at Auntie who was tear stained. It must be a family trait!

I'm not sure who ever would bring children to Vegas on account of all the breasts and booty, trucks, banners, billboards and cards, and cigarette smoke but can a christian mother of five make it in Vegas?

You bet! I've got the blisters, the sun burn and credit card bill to prove it!

The other highlights of my trip were as follows.

 Eating and breakfast margaritas.

 Menopause the Musical, I laughed so hard I broke into the ugly cry. It wasn't pretty.
Old Vegas was really neat and cheap. I could picture the Mafia mulling about there.

French food on the patio as we watched the water show at the Belagio.
 The attention to details

  The Bling and Sparkle!

Vegas 2013 - coming soon!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Button Cross Easter Craft

Button Cross

1.     Glue two popsicles together to create a cross.
2.     Glue on Easter colored assorted buttons
3.     Glue string on bottom back of cross and twist around buttons and then glue a loop onto back.
4.     Give it to Grandma she’ll love it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bunny Candy Holders - Easter Craft #2

A little something for your kids to put all those candies in!

1. Get little Johnny to lick and seal a 5 by 7 envelope.
2. Cut along the top through both layers of the envelope to make an opening. 
3. Use a second envelope sealed, thanks Johnny, and cut out bunny ears through both layers.
4.Use pink construction paper to decorate insides of ears, and glue them on the front of the envelope. Glue on pompom nose and draw on the rest if the bunny’s face.

5. Fill with delicious candy or a sugar, gluten, red dye, dairy free, alternative.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Bon Voyage - Easter Crafts

Well I've pre written this post as I'm a few miles away soaking up lights in Vegas. The timing is perfect as I'm looking out my window to snow flakes descending.

I didn't want to leave you in want this week so I've got some fabulous Easter Crafts coming your way!
Starting with a oldie from Virtuous woman that gets repined on pint rest at least 10 times a day.

Easter Paint Chip Wreath

Go HERE for full instructions

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zumba for moms?


For the last few months I have been trying to get back to working out. It's usually only when I'm pregnant  I have to fill a storage container marked "Skinny clothes" and tuck it in the closet. I can't believe I've had to do that now. I know my husband will say I'm being totally over dramatic because I had only gained 5 pounds but to a 5'4" frame it's significant and I can't do up my pants!!!!!!!

So over the last few months I have made myself familiar again at the gym and Wii fit does not send me reminders anymore when my kids turn it on to play. "Have you seen Sarah? She hasn't worked out on wii fit in 435 days." ummm okay.

Recently I joined a bootcamp to help motivate myself to kick it up a notch. Which it has and the nutritionist (which I'm not sure she actually is) recommended a high protein diet because I need to build up my muscle as I have a body fat of 44%. That's like a jelly donut or an inner tube you go down the water slide in. If you chucked me against a wall I would spring back and bounce a few times.

The bootcamp is out of herbal Life Canada and I realize that their main goal is to sell me product which I turned down on the basis that I like to chew my food. I'm not sure if she has set my daily protein goal so high that it is unattainable so I have to invest, however I'm sticking to my guns, egg whites and lentils.

So work out wise I've been having  a lot of fun blasting my fat, and telling my body whose boss around here. Not carbs anymore!  So I graduated from workout videos at home and decided to join the masses at a few classes at my gym. My first adventure was a step class, which I haven't tried since I was 19 years old and could bounce up and down without peeing.

Step was a disaster how could this once potential broadway star be so un-coordintated? They went left i went right, they stepped up I stepped down. At one point i was getting into it and turned to face south and the entire class was turning facing north aka ME! DUH! That is when my inner fat molecules and pride shouted "I quit!" and I left with my fluid retained tail between my legs. NEVER again!

Last night, after months of practising Zumba at home, I felt confident enough to join a Zumba class and it was amazing. After an hour workout I honestly could of gone for more. The class was packed! I got the moves down and the girl in front of me only farted 2 times. The poor 60 something lady beside me was having a STEP CLASS moment and she kept looking at me in a mortified way in which I gave her reassuring smiles that said It's okay to shake your booty and chest at sixty... work it girl!

I have never had so much fun working out, even if I couldn't get out of bed this morning.

So I hope this motivates you to find a workout that suits you, they're out there I promise!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back on the blogging wagon

So I have endured the most ghetto laptop where the screen is covered in crayon and the power supply cord is taped onto the keypad. I have been blogging on there for the last few months where the power just shuts off for no reason, or if a kid bumps the desk the slightest it moves the power cord and I lose all my work and it takes 10 minutes to reboot. What mother of 5 has 10 minutes!!!???

This is why I haven't been a blogging babe over the last little while.

Well that's all about to change as I stepped into the world of APPLE and invested in a writing machine that I hope will help organize my life and make my writing faster and simpler and curse free.

I hope you haven't given up on me.

That being said I'm off to Vegas in a few days for five days with my crazy Aunt and cousin and I couldn't be more excited since I've never been and to spend those days with two ladies I have looked up to my entire life.  My mother has been begin me not to go in fear that on Monday I'm a good christian mother of five and then by Friday I'll be pole dancing to pay off my casino bill.  I assured her I'll be on my best behaviour though I can't promise that for my wallet as I'm so excited for the shopping and shows!

I know I will have a lot to blog about so I'm asking for some really cool blog rant ideas about Vegas. Let me know what your thoughts are on this. Perhaps a title like "you can't leave a baby in a closet when there's a tiger in the bathroom!" Just kidding.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Family Friendly Grains

I write a regular column in the Lethbridge Journal Here is my latest submission:

It’s all the rave these days, thanks to Doctor Oz and white starch haters.  Healthy grain alternatives have hit the regular supermarkets and cook books.  They’re slowly taking the place of rice and pasta, I was going to say potatoes but come on this is Southern Alberta, nothing will make us give up our potatoes!

It’s hard to incorporate new foods into your family dinners, especially because you can’t put ketchup on couscous.  So I decided to go on a quest to try a few of these exotic kernels and rate them on a family friendly scale. The grains I tried were couscous, Quinoa, and Kasha.

My first adventure was with couscous. I’ve been a fan of couscous since my early twenties where the girls and I would head out on a Saturday night and enjoy a Moroccan feast at a little place in Calgary called The Sultan’s Tent.  Couscous is one of the staple foods of Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Algeria.

 It’s quick and easy to prepare and you can mix it up with a lot of interesting ingredients.  It’s easy to prepare since most western supermarkets carry an instant alternative. Just add boiling water, cover and let sit for 5 minutes.

I gave couscous a 4/5 for family friendly. (This score means 4/5 of my children ate this without spitting it out.)  On its own it’s fairly bland but sweeter than rice. It can be quite dry, however, the greatest attribute to Couscous is that it takes on the flavour and moisture of whatever you mix it with so doctor it up to suit your palate.

The second grain I served my corn, meat and potatoes Alberta family was Quinoa pronounced (Keen – Wa). This raw grain looks like a bag of bird seed but cooked up its light, fluffy and almost take on the appearance of fish eggs. My kids loved that analogy.  This grain’s history goes all the way back to the Incas and now it is sold in bulk.  Go figure.  It cooks similar to rice, with a cook time of 15-20 minutes.

My family gave Quinoa a 5/5 vote even after the fish egg comment.  It makes a great vegetable Pilaf but you could easily transition this grain to a breakfast food with fruit and nuts mixed in.

The last grain we tried was Kasha. I had this box of Kasha in my pantry for over six months and was a little intimidated to try it as the cooking instructions were a little more complicated.  It involved an egg, frying and boiling. The smell was a bit of a turn off as it was quite nutty and musty. (Maybe because it was in my pantry for half a year? Anyhow, we gave this Eastern European buckwheat grain dish a try.

My Family gave Kasha a 1/5 vote. The baby devoured it by the lap full and everyone else scrambled to the fridge to see what condiment would work with it.  I’m not sure I’ll give up on this super ‘good fer ya’ grain but I’ll have to do some investigation on better recipes.

Looks like Quinoa takes the prize and I’ll be sure to add that into my weekly meals.  There are a lot of great grain recipes online so take time to check them out.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Canadian Kids Art Competition - $5000

Okay Canadian Moms and Dads! Time is running out. Get out your kids paint smocks and French Berets. You could win $5000? That's a lot of cheese strings from Costco! I was contacted by Here's Canada reps and they asked me to promote this contest and I was like heck yeah! This is so cool

The Canadian Heritage and  CIPA have kick started an art competition for ALL Canadians aged 7-11.  Here is Canada!(

"This contest is designed to promote Canadian spirit, healthy competition and to encourage youths to express their Canadian pride through artistic expression.  Whether expressed through a song, dance, painting, literature or the like, it can encourage your children to stay active, think creatively and inspire pride."

"The winning participants by age category will receive a cash reward and be invited to Ottawa to see the broadcast of their art work during Canada Day ceremonies.    The contest ends on March 31, 2012 at 11:59p.m. "

Check it out for more details


Friday, March 2, 2012

Stranger Danger

Yesterday afternoon over baking cookie the preschoolers and I had a safety debriefing. "What do you do if a stranger grabs you." "What do you do if their is a fire." "What do you do if Mom gets really hurt at home."

They were having a blast and wanted more and more "kick em' in the nuts and poke them in the eyes" mentoring but I was getting a little weary I may be instilling a bit of fear into them talking about all these doom and gloom scenarios. On the other hand it's necessary.

I think they got the message.

An hour later my 3 year old said "when you spill your milk, what do you do? Scream really really loud!"

He may need a follow up seminar.

Cheers to a safe and happy weekend!

P.S. Why are Play Doh lids so hard to get off!?

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