Monday, January 16, 2012

Angry Mennonite Monologues - The bad hair cut

You have to wonder how a five year old determines what is beautiful and what isn't.
I took my little Princess in training to the hairdressers. As we sat there looking at hair style books from circa 1979, "The year of the Mullet." she kept pointing out the long curly red heads. "I want that hair cut."

I hope that she doesn't hold it against me forever but against her request for extensions and red coloring, I opted for a comb friendly doo. When the hair dresser was finished my daughter stared at her self and just shook her head and muttered "Don't like it."

With all the oohing and awing of how cute she looked she wasn't buying it.

We got home to a house full of siblings and birthday celebration and the attention was all too much. "Don't like it" she muttered again. We called her for dinner and this is what she wore.

Grandma tried to reason, Big sister tried to reason and Mom too but after an hour of the Angry Mennonite Monologues it was Dad's magic that broke the hair blues.

"You know who you look like? Rapunzel after her hair got cut off, except your hair is blond."

Well it takes a special Daddy to make a girl feel like a Princess, doesn't it?

p.s. She really is 1/4 Mennonnite, that's why she's such a blue eyed beauty!


  1. So funny - that headscarf! Tell her I'm from the UK and the Queen wears one of those (that should sort her out!!!)

  2. I will tell her. Funny I use that same scarf to dress up like the queen for clean room inspections. (the white glove test)

  3. Bloom suggests that this stubborn avoidance of "beauty talk" will constitute "one tiny bit of opposition to a culture that sends all the wrong messages to our girls.


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