Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girls Night

A few of my girlfriends and I hit the town Monday night for a well deserved girls night out. My husband is still away in single land sleeping soundly in a King Sized bed, having maid service and human contact. I, on the other hand am learning the art of child puzzle formations in bed. Last night I slept diagonal spooning the baby, with a pre-schooler on each end.

You're probably wondering why I don't just put the kids in their own bed. I did. They found me. One at 1am, 2am and the baby joined the party at 3am.
So back to my girls night out.
We had a lovely dinner together all 6 of us and then headed off to a planned "Girls Nite Out" at church here in Lethbridge.

We came in a few minutes behind and the only seats left available were front row center! We all new this was a fatal error on our part. The first on the agenda was Canadian comedian Leland Klassen. When you are at a comedy show #1 don't sit in the front row, #2 laugh at ALL their jokes  and #3 don't bring your 6 month old baby.

The comedian noticed my baby right away, (he is really cute, I must say) and made a few appropriate comments, how old, name ect. But as his routine progressed, every time the crowd would clap or laugh the baby would squeal in delight, and every move the comedian made the   baby  fixated on him and threw the comedian right of course. He kept stopping mid sentence gooing at my litte guy. It was a hoot.

During intermission my friend took my baby out into the lobby when I returned from thebathroom the comedian was holding him.
He commented on how social he was I told him it was probably because I had 5 kids and he loved the attention.
Intermission ended and they drew a few door prizes. The first being a romance package of basically the nice Christian version of sex coupons. and guess who won?! Yep, that'd be me, so in front of 150 women, the comedian hands me my prize saying "I don't think she needs this she has 5 kids!" Yep, he did!

The comedian was followed by a lovely speaker, author, and fellow blogger by the name of Sheila Wray Gregoire.

She spoke on the pitfalls of guilt and perfectionism in women and how the world's view on women and media add to our insecurities in women. She spoke on how our true security should come from God and only when we leave this ear will we be made perfect in him. It was really good and very close to what I love to write about as well.

A few links to share with you.

http://www.sheilawraygregoire.com/  Sheila's Website

http://tolovehonorandvacuum.blogspot.com/ Shelila's blog

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