Thursday, January 13, 2011

These take the cake

Thank you to my #1 comment, Amber and my #1 subscriber hubby Kevin  ! I celebrate you with this cake I made from play-doh, it's a three tiered cake!
To all my faithful friends who read every day and have not blocked my facebook updates I thank you too with play-doh cake!

I stumbled across some cakes online as I was looking for inspiration, and how to bake a cake without eggs and sugar. (it's grocery day).

I call this section CAKES I WOULD NEVER EAT!


I would NEVER EAT a dead rat cake: Especially a dead rat with gnarly teeth. It's disgusting, especially the tail! Who baked this and who's birthday was it? obviously someone they didn't like very much! ughhhh


I think as she cut this cake the song "you're so vain" played in the back ground. And where's the groom's cake, why is this all about HER?? And why didn't he protest. "No I am not cutting into a giant cake of your belly fat." Can I have a left breast please.

Umm I bet you $50.00 it's not going to last

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If it's "I don't know what to think." You got it!
Are these naked baby witches flying on carrots or naked baby cowboys wrangling rabbits. It's hard to tell.

 When cutting a cake resembles a medical procedure like a c-section count me out! Maybe there's a carrot riding baby inside!

Not only will I be cutting into a baby, but an ugly baby named Michelle! No thanks.

I will not have a piece of Tom Sellek's chest hair, thanks.


This takes communion to a whole new level. Jesus is even looking up at the person coming at him with a cake knife. "I forgive you" .


Okay this cake gets my #1 vote of cakes I WOULD NEVER EAT. Why because not only is it a TOXIC melting plastic doll baby baked in a cake IT"S STILL IN THE OVEN!!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking at a picture of a baby being cooked in an oven!

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  1. Oh my goodness some of those are crazy! Visiting from FTLOB. Hope your Thirsty Thursday is fab! =)

  2. Some of those cakes (ok, all of them!) are disturbing. You do have a way with play-doh! I visiting from FTLOB:)

  3. I only read a few posts, but I actually chuckled out loud several times. I must follow someone who can make me laugh!


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