Monday, December 20, 2010

My Quotable Life

year old Klara - "Not FLAAAT FAAAAAT"
    I was getting ready for the day when Klara looked at me and said "Mom your tummy is flat." WHAT?! I yelled in glee I ran over to her hugging and squeezing her, kissing her and spinning her..... "''re the best daughter in the whole world!!"
She looked at me like at any moment the crazy police would come and take her Mommy away. "You think my tummy is flat..really? You're the best daugh......"
"NO Mommy not flaaaat FAaaaaT."
"OH..are sure you didn;t mean flat, you know like a board is flat, a table is flat you know FLAT?"
NO Mommy FAT..I said Fat...Are you having another baby?
" baby. Mommy's having a bird."

1/2hr later : "Klara are you sure you meant Fat not Flat?"
I said Fat, Mommy.
Okay just checking.

8 year old Chandler" I asked a girl out today but she ejected me."

  I thought this might be a moment in the self esteem of a heartfelt 8 year old, but he was unphased asking me to help him write another note for another girl. It read:
Do you love me?
Please Answer me yes or no.
From your Prince Chandler

4 year old Klara: " Be careful Shepard, babies are expensive!"

 All three little tikes were in the tub this morning. They were having a blast with baby in the middle and washing his belly. 4 year old Klara made sure her 2 year old baby brother was being gentle.

MY NOTE: Yes babies are expensive, but the drool giggles and underarm fat rolls are priceless!

2 year old Shepard "Oh Jesus!"

I was stunned when I heard my 2 year old Shepard yell out
"Oh Jesus!"
I was shocked, "where did he learn that from!"
Then I realized he had dropped a toy figurine of Jesus.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Life as Pie

my life as a pie

 A few years ago as I was lying in bed feeling totally overwhelmed, unmotivated, depressed, deprived and contemplating chocolate or popcorn, I knew I needed to get out of this funk before my funk turned into fat.
 As I lied there the idea came to me to chart out my life in a day. I calculated how many hours I devoted to each category. I'm not an analytical person at all, but I think I was secretly trying to prove a point to my analytical husband how overwhelmed I was feeling. But I ended up proving a point to myself, or my lack of self.  
As I pied out my life I realised, I got no pie!  I bought the ingredients,
 I baked the pie, I cleaned up after the pie and I got no pie.

But it’s MY PIE!  
What a slice of revelation! This is what I learned:

- It’s not healthy to have too much pie, even for my kids.
- If life is about pie then I should enjoy some myself.
- It’s impossible to slice a pie perfectly even.
- I should be more thankful each day to the God who invented pie.
- I may be a bit burnt out on the outside and crusty but I’m full of ooey     gooey goodness on the inside!

 So let me challenge you to ask yourself when's the last time you've had a big slice of pie?


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