Saturday, April 5, 2014

How well do you know your kid's hearts?

How well do you know your kids thoughts, mind, and heart? Especially those mystery teenagers! Check out my latest blog post Search my Heart and Know Me.  To see what it means to Search and Know.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zombi slaying mother

I find my days are getting harder to fill with having half my life packed in boxes (for our up and coming move)  and this weather is rebeliously  hanging on for dear life. I have so many writing ambitions I need to go after, and I have a mile high list of responsibilities but I still find time to waste.

 My biggest time waster is my stupid iPhone. I tell you, I have to force myself to put it down, because my subconcience grabs it from room to room. It's sad. I know I'm not the only one, I could name a dozen people right now who I never see without their device. So that is why I am confessing my weakness to you.

Being a stay-at-home mother can be a very lonely job, and especially after 5 years the mundane seems to become even more mundane. So there is nothing like a little Candy Crush to get you through the silence that proceeds and precedes the call to crisis, potty trips, spills, and tantrums.  It calms the nerves.

I am thankful yes, that my silence slayer/crisis numbing vice is an electronic and not a shot of vodka at 9am. However, truth be told, an addiction is an addiction period.

So my kids all started raving about Plants vs Zombies, the game of the hour, so like a good Christian mother I downloaded the game. I was hooked. So exciting!!!

It wasn't long until lunch was late, kids were ignored and I was gloss eyed.

The following day I sat in a parent meeting for one of my child's extracurricular activities. One mother sat across from me, and I couldn't help but notice her oversized army style jacket that she was wearing, so I observed the badges on her arms wondering if she was perhaps a part of the Canadian forces, when she leaned to the side I saw on her arm badge "ZOMBIE SLAYER"

My spirit instantly cringed.

The meeting continued and the idea of involving the parents in certain sporting/fitness events with the kids came up. It was seconds before the Zombie Slayer/mother interjected with "Oh I don't do exercise of any kind, the only kind I do is this..."(in which she proceeded to air iPhone thumb)

Ugh - double cringe

I deleted it off my phone and I'm confessing to you today, that I am 4 days Zombie Free!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm still here

You're probably wondering how my valentines haircut turned out, and if it spiralled me into a deep depression therefore I haven't blogged in a month. Well we are moving!!! We have bought and sold, and so life has been crazy, I'm good and so is the haircut. (good, not crazy)

I started a new blog a Voice with Sarah Ball So you can head over there as well to check out my latest musings. Don't you love musings?!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why I now believe in Valentine's Day

It only takes one awkward Valentine's Day in junior high -  where every girl in your class gets a rose, but you- to kill the holiday forever.

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day, it's so cheesy, over marketed, phoney and it's just another holiday where I waste my time and money. I was, you could say, a valentine's hater.

People, I'm here to tell you that I have SEEN THE LIGHT and I am a new convert!

I hosted a women's bible study at my home today, and we had a few extra guests. A bible college team had come down to work with and mentor under our church this week, so I had about 6 young ladies from a group of 12 or so guys and girls. They were dropped off at my house by the boys and their teacher/leader. When it came time to go, I looked out my window and saw 6 young men, tattoos, and pimples, walking up my street with roses, one for each of their friends, team leader included. HOW SWEET WAS THAT!? Just friendship, no budding romances, and those girls dived out of my house so fast, you would think Daniel Craig showed up. (okay, maybe I would dive out, they'd be like "Daniel who?" and I'd be like "what? Let me pass!")

After study, I quickly packed up my boys and my Pinterest cake  and headed to my BFF's for a pre-school Valentine's party. Her house was decorated with hearts, and the kids ran around playing, as us mom's talked about how much we love food and hate working out. lol The little ones exchanged treats and cards, (except for this lame valentines hating mom,) After the party was over, my boys skipped to the suburban to go home filled with friendship and love and  A LOT of sugar!

As I was cooking dinner, my husband asked if he could give me my Valentine's day gift early, Sure I said. He held my hand and led me out of the room. "You know the stove is on broil" I warned. "Don't worry he assured me."  He led me to my Valentine's card's hidden drawer.

Back up 3 days ago….. I'm praying to God, feeling sorry for myself that I have not been able to afford a haircut and colour in months! I mean like since the summer 2 years ago! 

Sure I've had emergency 'I botched my bangs haircuts' 

where the hairdresser asks "sooooo, whatcha use? kitchen scissors?"

 in which I reply, in shame, "kids safety scissors"

 in which she nods in agreement that that would explain the glue chunks, " yes, yes."

So, I'm praying and in my complaining, and also in the knowledge that God cares for me and I can come to him FOR EVERYTHING! I asked if HE could make it possible for me to get my hair done. It went something like this. "God, I know this is a super lame prayer, and there are SOOO many more vitals things to ask for, but lately I feel like my efforts go unnoticed and I know that my job as a mother has it's rewards, but sometimes it would be nice to have a tangible reward, besides old aged security and fridge art. Like a haircut and colour!"

Fast Forward: Hubby hands me the card and the first line reads "In case you're wondering, I notice…" Then the tears welled up, and I don't remember what else it said.  Tucked in the card was a gift card for my hair, cut colour the whole shebang (maybe not j-lo extensions), and a hand written note that my appointment was booked at my favourite salon this Saturday. The reason he wanted to give it to me early was so I had time to find a haircut on Pinterest!!

Isn't that sweet!?????

So today, I became a believer in love, and in the celebration of love, and I also hang my head in shame that I didn't even get my husband a card, not even a cinnamon heart. Sheesh. 

Guess I better turn the broiler off ;>

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Row

We are that family that takes up an entire row wherever we go. When I see how many chairs we take up I think 2 things. #1 No wonder we never get invited to people's homes and #2 what effect will this many chairs have on the world?

That's the one thing I cherish about having a large family, it's knowing that my odds are higher that at least one or two will turn out good, and if all of them turn out amazing (which so far so good) then I cannot wait to see the impact my little humans are going to have on this world.  ( though this picture was taken in church an hour before my 5 year old decided to run around shirtless. sheesh!)

I see this row and wonder, who will have children, who will get a degree, who will be well known, and who will be a volunteer behind the scenes?

I know that because my row is a lot longer than most families, that our trials and joys may be longer too. There may be many heart aches, struggles, perhaps suffering and sorrow, but my odds of  rejoicing, sharing in their successes and amazingness has also increased. I'm blessed!

If I stick to it now, doing my best to raise wonderful children, keeping them grounded in faith, and established in love, then perhaps #1 we'll get invited to more people's homes, and #2 we will reap joyfully all that we've sown.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Doing life together, one chore at a time

It's never too early to start chores with your kids.

 In fact, the younger they are the easier it is to get them to do chores in the first place. 

The dishes are never totally clean, and occasionally when company comes I have to secretly do a swipe to clear off the stuck on food that got missed. 

They are NEVER put away right and it's embarrassing when someone asks me for some kitchen utensil or gadget …. ummmmmm. Now where is that, CRASH….BANG….TOPPLE OVER? 

The bathroom mirror always has that annoying speckle where they sprayed too much Windex and never wiped it fully.

There is a trail of garbage behind the toilet that got spilled over.

And my laundry is folded like Japanese Origami.

But, I lay that all aside for the gift 
that we are doing life together.

Friday, January 17, 2014


My 7 year old daughter stumbled into my room this morning confused "the sky is blueish with clouds and people are out walking their dogs?"

After 2 months of waking up for school in the dark she was confused why today was different.

"The days are getting longer" I told her, then I thought to myself, "THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER!!!"

Today is +10 degrees here, this would be a national emergency in the south, but up here in Canada it means sweaters off, t-shirts on, doors open, fresh air and mental health sun soak. I'm so grateful!

It's days like these that I reflect on the fact that God gives us rest from our weariness, and it's up to us to recognize it and receive the gift.

So though a few spikes in the temperature, a withholding of the winds, seems like nothing, to me, it's a gift and I will rejoice in it and rest!

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